AARC toolkit for infrastructures

This page contains technical, informational, training and policy resources for:

  • e-infrastructure service providers
  • research infrastructures
  • research collaborations

AARC Blueprint Architecture

The Blueprint Architecture provides a set of interoperable building blocks for software architects and technical decision makers, who are designing and implementing access management solutions for international research collaborations.

Policy documents

Because (to quote from an esteemed colleague of ours) “policy is boring”, we list here all the work AARC has accomplished. So you don’t have to waste time with boring stuff.


Sirtfi provides a mechanism to identify trusted, operationally secure eduGAIN participants and facilitate effective incident response collaboration.

More about Sirtfi


Snctfi identifies operational and policy requirements to help establish trust between an infrastructure and identity providers in an research & education federation.

More about Snctfi

Training materials

Training module: Federations 101

The training module Federations 101 will take you through the basic principles and questions. Includes information, supporting movies and useful links.

Training module for service providers

Building on Federations 101, this module helps providers make their resources and services available to users who are authenticated through an authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI). Topics covered include:
> Benefits of federated identity management;
> Main components of Shibboleth software and how they work;
> How to protect static web pages and applications;
> How to integrate a Shibboleth 2 service provider in a specific research infrastructure.


Leaflet: How to reach global customers with Federated Identity Management

This short publication highlights the benefits of federated identity management for service providers and research organisations.

Report: overview of existing AAI technologies

This report summarises the technologies and solutions available for implementing AAI, focusing on the software most common in the research and education environment and on the features most likely to fulfil common requirements.

How to join eduGAIN as a service provider

eduGAIN is an interfederation service that interconnects academic identity federations around the world, and so interconnects service providers and identity providers.

For an explanation of the benefits to library service providers and how to join, download the leaflet “How to reach global customers with Federated Identity Management” (PDF).

Or see eduGAIN’s step-by-step instruction ‘How to join eduGAIN as a service provider’.