AARC's Blueprint Architecture helps providers and communities to enable federated access to their resources.

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AARC is working with the community to deliver a common policy framework for integrated AAI.

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AARC is testing technical and policy results to address research communities requirements.

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AARC is producing different training modules and information packages on federated access and AARC results.

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Active engagement: AARC at DI4R 2017

Active engagement: AARC at DI4R 2017

With a conference session and a pre-conference workshop, the AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration) project team made a lively contribution to the DI4R (Digital Infrastructures for Research) conference that was held in Brussels from 30 November to 1 December. On 29 November, Christos Kanellopoulos (GÉANT) led an open workshop on the AARC Engagement […]

Pilots and training activities move a...

Pilots and training activities move ahead at AARC All Hands meeting

Two key areas of the AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration) project made significant progress at an ‘All Hands’ meeting held on 21-23 November. The team responsible for training agreed priorities for activities until the end of year 1 of this, the second AARC project, and the requirements of research collaborations for technical […]

New AEGIS group endorses AARC guideli...

The new AARC Engagement Group for Infrastructures – AEGIS – has endorsed AARC project “Guidelines on expressing group membership and role information”. By agreeing to these guidelines, AEGIS has taken its first step in providing practical support towards the wider uptake of AARC’s interoperable federated access solutions. Invited representatives from 5 e-infrastructures and 2 domain-specific […]

Roadmapping trust and identities acti...

This article was originally posted by Licia Florio in the GÉANT Community Blog. As you may know, GÉANT is looking to identify trends and requirements to shape the work to be carried out as part of the next GN4 project, which will start in mid 2019. Different things are in motion in the R&E and […]

FIM4R reloaded: addressing challenges...

FIM4R reloaded: addressing challenges in Federated Identity Management

The Federated Identity Management 4 Research (FIM4R) group met in Montreal on the 16-18 of September 2017, kick-starting a new cycle for the group and a new relationship with the AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration) project. AARC has committed to use FIM4R as its Community Engagement Forum to present results of the […]

Get Sirtfi’ed! Security training for ...

Get Sirtfi’ed! Security training for federated organisations now available online

The providers of online identities and services can now access online training materials that will help them to handle security incidents in a way that is coordinated with other organisations within research and education federations. This Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity (Sirtfi) modular training is available through a new ‘eAcademy’ platform that […]

AARC ‘shop window’ and engagement gro...

The second Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration (AARC) project, now around three months into its two-year run, is building upon the foundations laid in the first AARC project by further developing policy, architecture and pilots work and by extending its training, outreach and dissemination activities. A new website and new engagement groups are […]

EISCAT_3D gets go ahead for construct...

The construction of EISCAT_3D, a new international research radar for space weather research, has been given a greenlight and will proceed later in June. EISCAT_3D will be the world’s leading facility of its kind, offering a critically important window to the upper atmosphere and near-Earth space in the European Arctic. The EISCAT Scientific Association is […]

AARC builds teams and plans for the 2...

Plans and priorities for work in the second AARC project took shape during a kick off meeting held on 6-8 June in the German health resort town Bad Herrenalb. This Black Forest retreat provided a comfortable setting for participants to get to know each other, discuss expectations and refine plans for the next 6 months, […]

AARC’s CILogon pilot helps users to u...

This blog is part of a mini-series reflecting on how AARC has worked together with different e-infrastructure and research infrastructure projects to help them to adopt federated access and deliver services in a more user-friendly way. The first in the series was published in October 2016: . In this post we report on the […]