Register for the 12th FIM4R workshop: 5 February 2018

Registration is open for the 12th FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations) workshop. Interested parties are welcome to participate and give feedback to help finalise a white paper that updates the group’s previously-published research paper about federated identity management for research collaborations.

The FIM4R workshop will take place in Vienna on 5-6 February, preceding the TIIME (Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe) unconference on 7-8 February.

The preliminary FIM4R workshop agenda is currently being formed. If you have ideas for agenda topics, please contact Peter Gietz of DAASI to propose a presentation or discussion item, or use the FIM4R workshop ‘Leave your message’ form. Participation is free of charge.

Registration for both the FIM4R workshop and the TIIME unconference can be completed via the TTIME website.

FIM4R is a collection of research communities and infrastructures with a shared interest in enabling Federated Identity Management for their research cyber infrastructures. The group has a close relationship with the AARC project.