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AARC cruising towards a sweet end

After four years of working together, the AARC team had their last project meeting in Abingdon, UK, hosted by STFC, on 18-21 March. During those years, some people have moved on, but the core team has remained and will not dissolve but will migrate to other venues to continue their work. Meeting highlights There were […]

AARC research communities share exper...

Published 26 February 2019 Research communities participating in AARC pilots presented their work to the FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research) community at a workshop on 11 February. FIM4R and AARC have a close relationship, with many participants in common. AARC has proved a useful forum for research communities and e-infrastructures to make contact and […]

AARC launches Policy Development Kit ...

Published 14 January 2019 Policy templates, guidelines, context videos and a glossary are available in a new ‘Policy Development Kit’ (PDK) that has been launched by the AARC project. The kit provides new or evolving Research Infrastructures with guidance on developing a complete policy suite to support Federated Identity Management and the implementation of an Authentication […]