Introduction to advanced components

Introduction to advanced components

Target audience

The course is intended for a general audience interested in AAI concepts. The course will take as granted all subjects taught on the basic training.

Learning goals

  • learn what is a Proxy and which advantages it brings to federations
  • discover how to integrate social identities in a secure way and what is account linking and when it is used
  • learn what additional challenges Authorization include and how to solve them


The course will provide a brief introduction on the more advanced topics related to AAI. In particular the course will guide you through:

  • the meaning and purpose of a Discovery Service
  • a description of the Attribute Release problem in identity federation
  • how it is possible to federate using a proxy
  • how it is possible to deal with Social Identities
  • the topic of linkage of different accounts
  • the case for step-up authentication
  • the services that can be used to perform translation between different technical tokens
  • an introduction to the problem of authorization