Webinar on AARC & REFEDS assurance suite – 13 Dec 2-3pm CET

On 13 December at 14:00-15:00 CET, a live webinar will explain the new REFEDS Assurance Framework, which was developed in cooperation with the AARC project. This webinar is aimed at identity federation operators and their members. Connection via: https://geant.zoom.us/j/941952772

What is Assurance?

Service providers and other parties connected to research and education federations need to manage risks related to the access control of their services. To do this, they need to make decisions about how much they can trust user information that is shared by identity providers. In federated identity management the ability to assure this trust depends on the policies and practices of the user’s home organisation and the identity federation to which it belongs. Questions that relying parties would ask are for instance, can this user ID be later reassigned to some other person? How fresh is that affiliation information? How was the user authentication done? On the other side, the identity providers need specific guidance as to what is needed in terms of assurance, expressed in a form that allows them to make confident assertions that service providers can easily parse.

Further Information

AARC and REFEDS (Research & Education Federations) worked together to produce the REFEDS Assurance Framework (RAF) approved in October 2018 and AARC guidelines on assurances.

The REFEDS Assurance Framework will be explained in the December webinar, presented by Mikael Linden (CSC), Jule Ziegler (LRZ) and Petr Holup (BBMRI-ERIC).  The webinar will be recorded and made permanently available via the IAM Online YouTube channel from AARC, REFEDS, GÉANT, InCommon and Internet2.

A second webinar to explain the AARC guidelines on assurance is being planned.

See the REFEDS website for the full details about the assurance framework and the guidelines in the news story: “Assurance – A truly collaborative work“.