Work Packages

The AARC project has been structured as follows:

  • A networking activity on ‘Project Management’  to manage the overall project;
  • A networking activity on ‘Training and Dissemination’  to disseminate the project results and to reach out and offer different types of training to the communities targeted by AARC (libraries, arts and humanities, universities, ESFRI cluster, GÉANT, EGI, PRACE and FIM4R);
  • A networking activity on ‘Best Practices and Policies Harmonisation’  to define a cost-effective operational and policy framework to create a secure framework in line with resource providers’ requirements, national identity federations’ frameworks and compliant with privacy laws
  • A joint research activity on ‘Integrated architectures for R&E AAI’  to deliver the design of the integrated AAI framework, by enhancing eduGAIN and
researching ways to integrate additional technical components to support a wider range of use-cases than to date.
A service activity on ‘Pilots’  to pilot and validate the results of the other activities. All pilots will be tied to concrete user requirements, ensuring that these are represented consistently throughout the innovation process. User communities will be asked to engage during the pilot phase.