Training Modules

This page provides an overview of the training modules produced for the various target audience. The modules cover information on how institutions can reach out to their national research and education identity federation. Many of these federations have already extensive documentation to support their users. Among this material, AARC has collected those documents that are found most useful.

All the material used and referenced in each module is constantly reviewed, updated or integrated with new material.

By reading the online material and/or looking at the video provided, interested parties will have acquired a much more informed view on this subject in order to estimate what federation will bring to their institution and their users.

Training Approach:
The approach adopted by the work package is mainly built following two documents produced by the work package itself:

Based to known standard and model, the work package has also collected training design ideas in one document that can be found on the AARC Wiki.
AARC Wiki: Learning needs and analysis

Training Modules: