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Welcome to AARC

Championing federated access to build interopearble AAIs for research and education

AARC is an EC funded project that brings together 20 different partners from among National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) organisations, e-Infrastructures service providers and libraries.

AARC champions federated access and works together with national identify federations, research infrastructures, e-infrastructures and libraries to identify building blocks and policy best practices needed to implement inter-operable authentication and authorisation infrastructures (AAIs). Research communities use-cases drive the AARC work to test technical and policy components and their integration into production research and e-infrastructures.

AARC work will help avoid a future in which different e-Infrastructures and (new) research collaborations develop and operated independent (and not inter-operable) AAIs.

Find out more on AARC’s approach, its achievements towards the roadmap and its communities.