AARC's Blueprint Architecture helps providers and communities to enable federated access to their resources.

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AARC is working with the community to deliver a common policy framework for integrated AAI.

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AARC is testing technical and policy results to address research communities requirements.

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AARC is producing different training modules and information packages on federated access and AARC results.

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AARC Blueprint Architecture webinar r...

A recording of the AARC Blueprint Architecture webinar that took place on 18 April is now online. The video, aimed at Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) architects and technical decision makers for research collaborations, can be found on the IAM Online YouTube channel. In the webinar video, Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET) and David Hübner (DAASI International) […]

AARC cruising towards a sweet end

After four years of working together, the AARC team had their last project meeting in Abingdon, UK, hosted by STFC, on 18-21 March. During those years, some people have moved on, but the core team has remained and will not dissolve but will migrate to other venues to continue their work. Meeting highlights There were […]

Library community to build on AARC ou...

A new initiative in federated identity management for libraries – FIM4L – was introduced for the first time at the CESNET e-Infrastructure Conference on 30 January 2019. The AARC Toolkit for Libraries was presented  and the current state of federated identity management (FIM) implementation in the libraries community was reviewed. Jiri Pavlik of the Moravian […]

Registration open for IAM Online webi...

On 18 April at 15:00-16:00 CEST, a live webinar will explain the final version of the BluePrint Architecture (BPA) that was developed within the AARC project. This webinar is aimed at Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) architects and technical decision makers for research collaborations. Connection via (Webinar ID: 473 763 744). Please register via: […]

AARC research communities share exper...

Research communities participating in AARC pilots presented their work to the FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research) community at a workshop on 11 February. FIM4R and AARC have a close relationship, with many participants in common. AARC has proved a useful forum for research communities and e-infrastructures to make contact and address the increasing need […]

AARC launches Policy Development Kit ...

Policy templates, guidelines, context videos and a glossary are available in a new ‘Policy Development Kit’ (PDK) that has been launched by the AARC project. The kit provides new or evolving Research Infrastructures with guidance on developing a complete policy suite to support Federated Identity Management and the implementation of an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI), […]

Register for FIM4R: trust & iden...

Registration is open for the Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations (FIM4R) workshop that will be held on 11 February 2019. Research communities that have been participating in the AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration) project will present their work to pilot specific solutions based on the AARC blueprint architecture and policy guidelines. […]

Webinar on AARC & REFEDS assuran...

Webinar on AARC & REFEDS assurance suite – 13 Dec 2-3pm CET

On 13 December at 14:00-15:00 CET, a live webinar will explain the new REFEDS Assurance Framework, which was developed in cooperation with the AARC project. This webinar is aimed at identity federation operators and their members. Connection via: What is Assurance? Service providers and other parties connected to research and education federations need to […]

AARC gears up for final months, with ...

A legacy that will benefit research communities after AARC ends – this is a major goal for the Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration project. How best to create this legacy and what to prioritise in the final half year of the project were therefore key discussion points for project participants at an ‘all-hands’ […]

Enabling single sign-on across EOSC-h...

AARC has influenced the integration of the OpenAIRE AAI with the EOSC-hub AAI. The following article was originally posted by Ilaria Fava on the OpenAIRE website.       The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) aims to provide an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI). The EOSC-hub and the OpenAIRE-Advance projects’ AAIs build on existing AAI […]