This page lists all deliverables, milestones and presentations related to the second AARC project (AARC2 ), which runs from May 2017 to April 2019 funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement 730941.

For deliverables and milestones of the first AARC project, please consult the documents archive 2015-2017.

List of upcoming deliverables of the AARC2 project:

  • Initial Information Package on AARC2 and Website Update  (DNA2.1)
  • Use-Cases for Interoperable Cross-Infrastructure AAI  (DJRA1.1)
  • Authorisation Models for Service Providers  (DJRA1.2)
  • Results of Pilots with New Communities Part 1 (DSA1.1)
  • First Advanced Training Material Content  (DNA2.2)
  • VO Platforms for Research Collaboration  (DJRA1.3)
  • Report on Security Incident Response and Cybersecurity in Federated Authentication Scenarios  (DNA3.1)
  • Results of Pilots with New Communities Part 2 (DSA1.2)
  • Final Results of Infrastructures Interoperations Pilots  (DSA1.3)
  • Final Results of Pilots for Advanced Use-Cases and New Technologies  (DSA1.4)
  • Summary Report on Training, Communication and Outreach Activities  (DNA2.3)
  • Evolution of the Blueprint Architecture  (DJRA1.4)
  • Accounting and Traceability in Multi-Domain Service Provider Environments  (DNA3.2)
  • Recommendations for e-Researcher-Centric Policies and Assurance  (DNA3.3)
  • How-to to Deploy Pilot Results  (DSA1.5)

List of upcoming milestones for the AARC2 project (with due date in brackets) ordered by work package.

  • Plan to engage with targeted communities and activities  (MNA1.1)
  • Period review of WPs plans, KPIs, results, finances, request for sustainability plans and AARC2 participation at external events  (MNA1.2a, MNA1.2b, MNA1.2c)
  • Kick start the Community Engagement forum  (MNA2.1)
  • Kick start the Competence Centre  (MNA2.2)
  • Review the content of the basic training material and plan new modules as needed  (MNA2.3)
  • Periodical review for new training requirements, community outreach and PR material  (MNA2.4a, MNA2.4b, MNA2.4c)
  • Identify topics for the first advanced training  (MNA2.5)
  • Yearly plan  (MNA3.1a, MNA3.1b)
  • Period review of plans and progresses, including coordination with NA2 for training  (MNA3.2a, MNA3.2b)
  • Define and test a model for organizations (IdP) to share information related to account compromises  (MNA3.3)
  • Identify community accepted frameworks to present to the competence centre  (MNA3.4a, MNA3.4b)
  • Inventory of high-assurance identity requirements from the AARC2 use cases  (MNA3.5)
  • Initial recommendations coordinated with Infrastructures on accounting data sharing  (MNA3.6)
  • Initial Data protection impact assessment on blueprint architecture  (MNA3.7)
  • Yearly Plan  (MJRA1.1a, MJRA1.1b)
  • Periodical progress review  (MJRA1.2a, MJRA1.2b)
  • Detailed plan of pilots and resources based on the use-cases listed in SA1-Task 1 (MSA1.1)
  • Detailed plan on the integration pilots with infrastructures in Task 2  (MSA1.2)
  • Initial plan for piloting advanced use cases and new technologies given input from JRA1 and NA3  (MSA1.3)
  • Kick start and plan the yearly work for Task 4 in collaboration with NA2 and SA1  (MSA1.4)
  • Periodical review of task work plans, results and deviations from the plans  (MSA1.5a, MSA1.5b, MSA1.5c)