Library community to build on AARC outputs with new FIM4L initiative

A new initiative in federated identity management for libraries – FIM4L – was introduced for the first time at the CESNET e-Infrastructure Conference on 30 January 2019. The AARC Toolkit for Libraries was presented  and the current state of federated identity management (FIM) implementation in the libraries community was reviewed.

Jiri Pavlik of the Moravian Library introduced the three piloted solutions, training materials, infosheet, recommendations and guidelines that form the AARC toolkit for libraries and library service providers. These materials were produced during the first AARC project, which ran from 2015 to 2017.  

Jiri Pavlik at the 2019 CESNET e-Infrastructure Conference

He also described FIM4L, which is an ad-hoc working group that aims to build upon the AARC recommendations and guidelines for libraries and library service providers. The group is a library-driven initiative that is establishing cooperation with some NRENs and GÉANT. There is also a developing cooperation with RA21, which is a scientific publisher-led project that aims for a seamless FIM experience for library users who access services provided by publishers. FIM4L is discussing RA21 recommendations and guidelines with a focus on the library community’s privacy and security requirements.

FIM4L was started by participants of the second AARC project and library representatives and already has more than 20 active members. The group is currently defining a charter and working on an initial FIM4L guidelines and recommendations document. Anyone from the library community or who is active in federated identity management for libraries who wishes to join FIM4L can subscribe to the mailing list.

Further Information

The presentation was given in Czech; a streaming recording and slides are available on the conference website.   

Visit the FIM4L website.