Ensuring that digital credentials issued in the R&E community can be used to access services offered by different e-Infrastructures or research communities is a key goal to achieve the vision of an integrated AAI.

Key areas for pilots include:

  • Providing access to shared resources for all users, including guests, participating in a virtual collaboration;
  • Testing with different levels of trust associated with user credentials;
  • Providing scalable mechanisms to handle authorisation at resource level;
  • Piloting federated access for specific (commercial) resources and services that are not currently available in the federated portfolio;
  • Piloting the introduction of attribute management services.

In the first year of the AARC project, we established a solid base – a pilot environment that has been created in line with the AARC project’s own blueprint architecture and guideline documents.


As of March 2017, a large number of pilots have been prepared and lined up as part of the AARC SA1 activity. We assessed the suitability of many different components to handle common issues experienced in R&E. Topics range from handling guest users, managing attributes, to performing token translations. A detailed overview of all components piloted is available here:  AARC Wiki pages

This work package is led by SURFnet (Paul van Dijk).