AARC in Action

AARC supported a number of pilot projects to support research communities of all scientific disciplines with best practices and expertise on authorisation and authentication infrastructures.

These case studies show how AARC made a difference.

LIGO Scientific Collaboration

How the LSC community used AARC Blueprint Architecture to support federated identities in their AAI


How EISCAT_3D use the AARC Blueprint Architecture to replace an outdated AAI.

European Plate Observing System

How EPOS implemented a robust AAI following AARC’s recommendations

Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

How WLCG is using the AARC Blueprint Architecture as a backdrop for the discussions as a reference frame for best practices.

Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

How DARIAH is deploying the AARC Blueprint Architecture to improve interoperability.

LifeWatch ERIC

How LifeWatch used the AARC Blueprint Architecture to find their solution

Cherenkov Telescope Array

How CTA is deploying elements of the AARC Blueprint Architecture to build an AAI for thousands of astronomers.


How a consortium of e-infrastructures is using the AARC Blueprint Architecture to respond to the AAI requirements of biomedical Research Infrastructures

Start with AARC: AARC in Action video


Toolkit for libraries

For staff working at libraries and library service providers.

Toolkit for infrastructures

For e-infrastructure service providers, research infrastructures and collaborations.