Training modules

Federations 101

The training module Federations 101 will take you through basic principles and questions. Includes information, supporting movies and useful links.

Training for service providers

This training module helps service providers to make resources and services available to the users authenticated using an authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI)

Training for identity providers

The training module for identity providers covers configurations both from the technical and legal point of view.


AARC Assurance

Overview of the work done in AARC on assurance and updates on the REFEDS Assurance WG – Mikael Linden (CSC)

May 2017

Moonshot Primer

Online training about Moonshot and how it could fit in AARC – Stefan Paetow (JISC)

April 2017

Code of Conduct for GDPR

Online training about the code of conduct for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations for health research – Petr Holub (BBMRI-ERIC)

April 2017

Policies for processing personal data

Recommendations to resource providers and user communities to collect, provide access to, and publish any (personal) data related to accounting, monitoring and logging – Uros Stevanovic (KIT)

March 2017

AARC Blueprint Architecture

Introduction to the AARC Blueprint Architecture – Christos Kanellopoulos (GRNET)

January 2017